Core Principles & Philosophies

As an independent firm, we employ an unbiased, transparent approach to financial planning and an evidence-based investment process. Our Core Beliefs:

LJI Core Planning Principles
Have a Financial Plan make planning a priority
Know Your Number clarify financial goals
Understand Your Obstacles long-term behavior matters

LJI Core Investment Principles
Markets are Efficient focus on what you can control
Passive Investing lower expenses & reduce taxes
True Diversification own capitalism globally/11,000+ stocks
Asset Allocation reduce risk via exposure to fixed income
Embrace Volatility understand market psychology

LJI Core Portfolio Philosophy
Stock Outperform Bonds equity market premium
Value Outperforms Growth value premium
Small Companies Outperform Large Companies size premium
Earnings Matter profitability premium
Relative Strength price momentum premium
Short-Term Higher Quality Bonds lower volatility