Long Term Care

If you cannot take care of yourself in the later stages of life, there are plenty of resources from which to choose: home-health services, adult day-care centers, assisted-living facilities, or nursing homes. Finding the money to pay for such help, however, presents a dilemma.

A recent study found that the average cost of a private room at a nursing home in the U.S. is north of $253 a day, or over $92,000 per year. That cost is expected to continue to rise by 6% per year. Long-Term Care insurance is an excellent way to ensure that you will not only reside in a high quality facility but also that your residence there is not financially devastating to your or your family.

At LJI we are proud to be licensed thru the Indiana Partnership Plan and will gladly introduce a LTC expert to help you decide whether Long-Term Care Insurance is right for you and your family.